CFAES info series is ‘madness’—and that’s good

With public gatherings, spectator sports—including the March Madness college basketball tournament—and CFAES’ normally busy schedule of public events all shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, OSU Extension, the college’s outreach arm, is offering a series of virtual events. Called “Agriculture and Natural Resources Madness: A Tournament of Education,” the series features 64 educational sessions divided into daily brackets. The sessions are free and likely to continue until mid-May.

“This effort is a direct response to providing a variety of useful and timely sessions for farmers and families across the state during Gov. DeWine’s stay-at-home order,” said Jacqueline Wilkins, interim director of OSU Extension. “While our ‘tournament’ is being loosely tied to March Madness, it’s not a competition, and people can join in at any time for as many or as few sessions as they desire.”

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