Faculty and staff increase support for CFAES and university programs

Photo of Jeff Hattey, Jim Fowler and Greg Davis

In addition to alumni and stakeholders, faculty and staff donate to CFAES and the university helping reach annual fundraising goals. This past year, 680 CFAES faculty and staff joined their colleagues throughout Ohio State to donate to the university through Campus Campaign.

Although faculty and staff can donate throughout the year by becoming a member of Chadwick Arboretum, participating in Pelotonia or through other activities, the university ramps up promotions of the campaign in March and April encouraging employees to support the university fund of their choice.

For the 2017 Campus Campaign, CFAES funds received $231,870 from Ohio State faculty, staff and retirees. CFAES increased the percentage of individuals donating to Campus Campaign from 35 percent in 2016 to 38 percent in 2017.

There are several departments and units that exceeded their participation goals, and some who went beyond expectations. At ATI, 31 of 42 staff members participated helping them exceed their goal of 45 percent participation; FABE increased participation from 29 percent last year to 56 percent; and Entomology increased from 27 percent last year to 53 percent. OSU South Centers had 100 percent participation far exceeding its goals.

This year’s campus campaign co-chairs, Greg Davis and Thom Janini, are supported by ambassadors from each department and unit. Ambassadors raise awareness about the campaign, encourage giving, and plan activities to raise funds.

Jim Fowler, FABE’s ambassador, received a Campus Campaign Ambassador Award for his work to garner support for the campaign. According to Jeff Hattey, CFAES’s representative on the Campus Campaign Council, Jim made a point to reach out to each person in the Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering by personally delivering the campaign letter to their desk. He made it personal by explaining how he planned to contribute.

The communication that worked best was his attendance at the monthly faculty meeting. During this face-to-face time with faculty, he delivered remaining campaign letters and provided a fund number to write on pledge sheets. The fund was one that many faculty already supported, but did not realize it was considered a contribution to Campus Campaign. Having the fund number provided, as opposed to looking it up, made the giving process very simple to complete.

A faculty member in Jim’s department stated, "Many of faculty give in so many ways to this university; having Jim take the time to personally talk to us about our gifts was helpful for us to improve our participation in the Campus Campaign."

Thanks to all of the faculty and staff who participated in Campus Campaign. Your unwavering support to Ohio State makes a difference for Ohioans and beyond.

In photo are Jeff Hattey, Jim Fowler and Greg Davis.