Peace Corps looking for ag and environmental experts

People in field

Ohio State's Peace Corps recruiter is seeking graduates with agricultural and environmental backgrounds. 

Interested students can contact recruiter Gail Messick who will guide applicants through the process and help them make their resumes competitive. 

Successful applicants will be trained and placed in leadership positions where they will gain valuable hands-on experience in the field and will lead others who live in the developing world with practical tools to improve their lives.

Peace Corps volunteers serve for 27 months. By living as the local people do, volunteers gain credibility and trust. Opportunities can be found on the website:

Below are agricultural and environmental jobs available to upcoming graduates. Apply before Jan. 1, depart summer, 2018.

Agricultural Extension Volunteer:  Cameroon, Panama or Senegal. Includes farm planning, skills teaching, project development.

Agricultural Science Teacher:  Paraguay or Senegal.

Agribusiness Volunteer:  Panama, Columbia, Benin, or Cameroon.

Environmental Volunteer:  Coastal Resource: Philippines; Water/Sanitation: Panama, Nicaragua; Forestry: Paraguay, Senegal.

Numerous applicants will be selected for each of these positions.

Contact for more information.