Two CFAES graduate students receive Presidential Fellowships

Award cup on top of books

Two CFAES graduate students have been awarded The Presidential Fellowship by Ohio State’s Graduate School.

The honorees include Thomas Delomas, who focuses on fisheries and wildlife science in the School of Environment and Natural Resources, and Emile Gluck-Thaler, who focuses on fungal gene clusters in the Department of Plant Pathology.

Thomas Delomas

In a letter of support for Delomas, Eric Toman, graduate studies committee chair for the Environment and Natural Resources Graduate Program, wrote, “Thomas’s profoundly positive letters of support from eminent scholars in fisheries and aquatic ecotoxicology corroborate what was evident to our committee: that Thomas is an exceptional young scholar with a demonstrated track record of success beyond what is typical among doctoral students in his field. This is evident in his scholarly achievements, including his nearly perfect grade point average as well as through his high number of presentations and publications (seven published or in press with two more in review). Thomas is the first author on five of these papers, including the two currently in review. His publication record is three to four times greater than what is typical for ENRGP students. Additionally, he has seven articles in preparation, of which he is the first author on five, and he is credited along with his advisor for the invention of commercial techniques for the production of certain ornamental fish.”

Delomas’s advisor Konrad Dabrowski wrote, “He was extremely well-organized in his research and within days after completion of the experiments, he quickly calculated, analyzed, and presented the data in graphical format. Consequently, Thomas was able to demonstrate his involvement in professional scientific societies and presented results of his research at several national and international scientific meetings for the past two years. He received the best oral presentation award at World Aquaculture meeting in San Antonio among over 150 graduate students.”

Emile Gluck-Thaler

About Gluck-Thaler, Pierluigi Bonello, graduate studies chair for Plant Pathology, writes, “I am also a member of Emile’s advisory committee, and likewise I’ve been extremely impressed by the quality of this young man, who definitely places in the top 1% of all graduate students I’ve dealt with in my career, including all students I have advised directly and as part of many advisory committees. I would venture to say that, in terms of sheer intellectual power and overall knowledge, Emile is pretty close to the point where I would have no problems calling him a peer.”

Bonello goes on to say, “Dr. Jason Slot, Emile's advisor, points out that Emile is currently leading a project involving researchers from five institutions, which is part of a multi-year project focusing on dissecting the toxin production pathways used by the largest class of plant disease-causing fungi. Dr. Slot adds, 'Due to his focused efforts and resourcefulness, the analyses Mr. Gluck-Thaler proposed and conducted will probably be the first paper to come out of this major effort, and will have a significant impact on our understanding of the diversity and evolution of fungal toxins.'"

The Presidential Fellowship gives fellows one year of full-time financial support. To be eligible, nominated students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.6 for all Ohio State graduate course work, have completed all degree course work by the time the fellowship is activated, and have passed the candidacy examination (doctoral students) by the nomination deadline.