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Spelling O-H-I-O with arms

Stay up to date and receive the latest news about Ohio State’s Global One Health initiative (GOHi), a coordinated multi-disciplinary approach to improve health, build capacity, and provide learning opportunities for students and professionals across the globe.
GOHi connects Ohio State to Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, China, India, and beyond to build capacity within cross-cutting issues including zoonotic diseases (such as Rabies, Anthrax and Brucellosis), antimicrobial resistance, cancer, maternal and child health, medicinal plants, food safety, and curriculum twinning.
Faculty from all seven of Ohio State’s health sciences colleges as well as the colleges of agriculture, arts and sciences, business, education and human ecology, engineering, and social work are working locally, nationally and globally to address the spread of disease, promote health and emphasize the connection among humans, animals, and the environment.
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