Leadership Center workshops: Conflict, Collaboration; Strengths-Based Management; StrengthsFinder; DISCflex

Here are the next workshops for faculty and staff by CFAES’s OSU Leadership Center.

April 27: What Will It Be Today: Conflict, Compete, Collaborate?

The workplace can be a breeding ground for conflict. We can ignore or accelerate conflict, making everything a competition. Or we can choose to work collaboratively together to further the goals of our organization. It’s a choice we make. So what will it be today? Join Beth Flynn of the Leadership Center for this workshop. Get details here. Register here.

May 4: Strengths-Based Management and Supervision

The best supervisors and managers have a keen awareness of their strengths. These managers model behavior by partnering with someone whose strengths complement theirs in a way so that together they’re more productive. “The most successful know how to best direct their dominant talents to engage the hearts, minds and talents of their employees,” says the Gallup Organization. Join Beth Flynn for this workshop. Get details here. Register here.

May 10: StrengthsFinder

Do you know your five strengths? According to the Gallup Organization, “We spend too much time focused on our weaknesses, trying to make them stronger rather than recognizing our strengths.” When you focus on your weaknesses, you miss out on utilizing what you do best for your organization. Join Beth Flynn for this workshop. Get details here. Register here.

May 18: DISCflex

Learn how to “flex” your behavior based on various situations. DISCflex helps increase professional success by providing insight into how an individual’s behavior impacts the people around her or him. This workshop includes an online assessment, a report of results and a 360-degree view based on input from others you select. Get details here. Register here.