Leadership Center workshops: StrengthsFinder; Customer Service; Applying Your Strengths; 4 more

Here are the next workshops for faculty and staff by CFAES’s OSU Leadership Center.

SOLD OUT Aug. 17: StrengthsFinder

Do you know your five strengths? According to the Gallup Organization, “We spend too much time focusing on our weaknesses, trying to make them stronger, rather than recognizing our strengths.” When you focus on your weaknesses, you miss out on utilizing what you do best for your organization. Details here. Register here.

Aug. 25: Give ’em the Pickle Customer Service (online)

Who are your customers? Good question. As employees, we represent the university when providing service to students, the public and even our co-workers. Our job is to serve our customers by giving them what they want. How do we do that? By giving them the pickle. Pickles are those extra things you do to make people happy. Details here. Register here.

Sept. 8: Applying Your Strengths at Work (online)

How can you apply your strengths at work? According to Gallup, employees who utilize their strengths at work are six times as likely to be engaged there. You’ve taken the StrengthsFinder awareness workshop and learned your five strengths. This workshop helps put your strengths to work to increase your productivity and effectiveness. Details here. Register here.

Sept. 15: What Will It Be Today: Conflict, Compete, Collaborate?

There are many choices to be made in the workplace. The workplace can be a breeding ground for conflict due to different personality and communication styles. We can choose to ignore or accelerate conflict with others, or we can choose to allow conflict to make positive changes within our organization. We also can choose to work collaboratively or cooperatively together to further the goals of our organization. It’s a choice we make. So what will it be today? Details here. Register here.

Sept. 20: Mission Possible: Positive Leadership

Are you a positive leader? Organizations that have a positive culture are more productive, have happier employees, and most importantly, have happy and satisfied customers. No matter what the current situation is, or who is causing the negativity in your organization or on your team, it is vital that you create positive strategies that keep the team/organization strong. Details here. Register here.

Sept. 22: The Skilled Facilitator: Techniques and Tools

Are you frustrated with business-as-usual meetings? How about conflict that sometimes happens in groups when decisions need to be made? In this workshop, you’ll learn skills and techniques to help your group solve tough problems. This daylong workshop will help you build a well-stocked toolbox of facilitation techniques that you can use to successfully guide groups. Details here. Register here.

Sept. 27: Communication and Conflict Management

How well do you manage conflict? Conflict is a part of our daily lives. How we manage it has an impact on the quality of our work. Effectively dealing with and using conflict as a positive tool is a major component of success in current and future leadership roles. Details here. Register here.