Leadership Center workshops: DISCflex; Skilled Facilitator; Positive Leadership; Emotional Vampires

Here are the next workshops for faculty and staff by CFAES’s OSU Leadership Center.

May 18: DISCflex

Learn how to “flex” your behavior based on various situations. DISCflex helps increase professional success by providing insight into how an individual’s behavior impacts the people around her or him. This workshop includes an online assessment, a report of results and a 360-degree view based on input from others you select. Get details here. Register here

SOLD OUT June 2: The Skilled Facilitator

Are you frustrated with business-as-usual meetings? How about conflict that sometimes happens in groups when decisions need to be made? In The Skilled Facilitator workshop, you will learn skills and techniques to help your group solve tough problems. This daylong workshop will help you will build a well-stocked toolbox of facilitation techniques that you can use to successfully guide groups. Get details here. Register here.

June 7, 8: Mission Possible: Positive Leadership

Are you a positive leader? Organizations that have a positive culture are more productive, have happier employees, and, most importantly, have happy and satisfied customers. No matter what the current situation is, or who is causing the negativity in your organization or on your team, it is vital that you create positive strategies that keep the group strong. The June 7 and June 8 sessions are two separate offerings. Get details about June 7 here. Get details about June 8 here. Register for either one here.

June 22: Emotional Vampires at Work

Do you work with an emotional vampire? The kind of co-worker who can drain the energy and morale of everyone they encounter? Their toxic behavior can range from subtle comments to full-blown drama. It is important to learn how to keep her or his negativity from affecting how you work. Get details here. Register here.