Portfolium Staff Pick Best of CFAES Portfolios

Early adopters of the online portfolio tool Portfolium have been recognized by the organization.

Portfolium just became available to CFAES faculty and students this year. With Portfolium, users can publish their skills, experiences and examples of their work online to share with potential employers.

Among those recognized:

Expert Pick -
Matthew Osterholt - https://portfolium.com/entry/impact-of-foliar-fungicide-on-corn-under-induced-d-1

Staff Pick -
Nate Smith - https://portfolium.com/entry/applied-graphic-design-qr-code-campaign-1
Zachary Griebenow - https://portfolium.com/entry/denman-poster-on-undergraduate-research-project
Elizabeth Kifer - https://portfolium.com/entry/oralwrittenvisual-communication-6
Elizabeth Kifer - https://portfolium.com/entry/critical-thinkingproblem-solving-1
Nick Shipley - https://portfolium.com/entry/applied-vr-authoring

So far, about 10 percent of faculty and students have started using the tool.

“Portfolium brings a good concept to the table that fills a core need for us. Not only is Portfolium’s ePortfolio platform a multimedia communication tool, but it also has the built-in flexibility required to meet the various needs of our student population.” said Dr. Tim Rhodus, Professor and CFAES Portfolium Project Leader. “We’re excited to be adopting and implementing Portfolium to help our students engage in the best practices of a career search.”

For more on Portfolium, see: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/02/prweb14037390.htm.