Volunteer and Supporter is Honored with Building Name

Ohio State University Extension is a vital force for improving lives and strengthening communities and a key part to Ohio State’s land grant mission. Contributions from donors are allowing the college to build a state-of-the-art facility at Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory for Franklin County Extension, enhancing its educational programming and expanding its reach to better serve central Ohio residents.

For decades, Patricia Brundige along with her parents, Kathryn and Fredrick Kunz, have supported OSU Franklin County Extension not only through their giving, but also as volunteers. The Ohio State Board of Trustees recently approved the new Franklin County Extension building to be named the Kunz-Brundige Franklin County Extension building.

Brundige provided significant contributions to the college for Franklin County Extension’s new facility. She also wanted to honor the memory of her parents by positioning Franklin County Extension to become a world-class innovative model of cooperative extension with a centralized location to improve accessibility for Franklin County residents and close proximity to campus to allow staff to capitalize on and enhance ongoing collaborations.

The college is moving forward on the new facility; Erdy McHenry Architecture, LLC has been secured and the design of the building is underway. The new building at Waterman will put cutting-edge research at the Extension office’s front door, thus engaging the community in demonstration gardens, large urban farm enterprises, nutrition kitchens, housing education, financial wellness and day camps.

Although construction of the building is funded, Franklin County Extension is launching a #RoadtoWaterman campaign to raise funds for outdoor education and learning spaces including a three-season education pavilion, food opportunity center, and first-generation 4-H outreach program for youth and their families. There are three funds – 315720, 315722, and 315723 – established for individuals wishing to support the outdoor learning spaces at Waterman farm. For more information, visit go.osu.edu/roadtowaterman.