Whittington Honored for Enhancing Student Wellness

Pat Whittington and Janet Steinbacher

The Office of Student Life honored Pat Whittington, CFAES assistant dean for student development, with the Outstanding Faculty Program for Enhancing Student Wellness award last month.

Whittington talked to students about how to apply for scholarships and what selection committees look for when reviewing scholarship applications. He addressed the value of financial wellness and discussed the possible financial aid opportunities available through Ohio State as well as how to look for financial aid outside of the university.

Each year the office honors the faculty that have come in to the halls to connect with students outside the classroom. One faculty member is honored in each of the four core values of Residence Life:  community, inclusion, wellness, and learning.

The wellness award is intended to recognize the best overall wellness program that was created to promote student wellness in any of nine dimensions. These programs can emphasize several dimensions of wellness or just focus on one of the nine dimensions.

The nine dimensions of wellness include emotional, career, social, spiritual, physical, financial, intellectual, creative, and environmental wellness, said Kazzie Kurzhais, member of the Residence Life Academic Initiatives committee.
"Our winning program encompassed wellness in a dimension that doesn’t get discussed as often, but is pivotal to the success of our students," she said. "Financial wellness information is so important to have and something that we all can use for the rest of our lives."