Inclusive Excellence training continues

Inclusive Excellence Training is a one-hour session that was implemented by Ohio State for faculty participating in Discovery Theme searches. As a result, all units have been asked to provide this training for those who serve on search committees.

In CFAES’s case, we’ve determined that staff in addition to faculty should participate in this training. We realize that providing all faculty and staff with this training is no easy task. As a result, we are asking that at least one member of any search committee have the training. Participation is being recorded and submitted to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, which is maintaining a database.

So far, CFAES is off to a great start. The college has had 253 faculty and staff participate in the training and has five facilitators: Ryan Schmiesing, Terry Niblack, Dan Herms, Jeff LeJeune and Kathy Lechman. If you are interested in having one of the facilitators present for your department or unit, please contact Kathy at

Sessions have been ongoing since January, and additional dates through June have been set. Most sessions are available to both the Columbus and Wooster campuses via video link. Regional directors have been encouraged to work with Kathy to establish dates for regions, counties and EERAs. 

For details and to register, go to the CFAES Equity and Inclusion website and view Upcoming Events. All of the dates are listed.