What can we learn from Bangladesh about climate change?

Bangladesh, a country of 165 million in southern Asia, can teach the world a lot about climate change—how everything from climate to food to migration to economics is intertwined. So says Joyce Chen in a recent article on our CFAES Stories website.

Chen studies climate change and migration in Bangladesh as part of her work as an associate professor in CFAES’ Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics. Her research includes how saltwater encroaches on soil and drinking water, making it increasingly difficult to grow crops and find fresh water. “It’s true that eventually the cities will be underwater,” she says, “but a lot of stuff happens in between.”

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(Pictured in the middle of the photo is J. Craig Jenkins, professor emeritus in Ohio State’s Department of Sociology and one of Chen’s co-researchers, standing on an eroding embankment, or polder wall, in Bangladesh. The homes of some 5,000 people would flood if the wall would fail.)