iAgri gets shout out from Sen. Richard Lugar

Former Indiana Senator Richard Lugar used the college's iAgri program as an example of excellence in a recent blog, writing, "We must strengthen foreign universities working on agriculture and increase the human and institutional capacity of universities in food insecure regions. Local scientists and teachers need to be able to respond to their own local conditions, train their own scientists, and share their knowledge globally. A consortium of six universities led by Ohio State (iAGRI) currently working in Tanzania represents a collaborative model that is working to build this local and institutional capacity."

Another excerpt includes: "My own interest in food security began on a 604-acre farm in Indiana, which my father, Marvin Lugar, bought in the 1930s.  I still manage the farm, which today sits within the city limits of Indianapolis. Our planting began in May, and when all is done, we will have roughly 200 acres of corn and 200 acres of soybeans in the ground, to go with our acreage planted in Black walnut trees.  Our chances of a bumper crop year-to-year are excellent, given the astounding array of technologies that our farm and most of American agriculture uses to maximize yield and protect the environment.  Our farm is benefitting from genetically engineered seed, advancements in soil analysis, GPS mapping of the land, sophisticated weather forecasting, and numerous other technologies. In 2014, we set a record for corn yield at 192 bushels per acre.  This is roughly a fourfold increase from the yields we experienced on the same land when I was a boy.  At that time, my dad was pleased when we achieved even 50 bushels an acre."

To see the blog: http://www.thelugarcenter.org/blog-we-need-a-21st-century-green-revolution-to-feed-the-world.