Promoting pawpaws’ production potential

CFAES is working to help Ohioans grow more of a little-known (until now) native fruit. The fruit is the pawpaw—whose flavor one CFAES webpage describes as “sunny, electric, and downright tropical”—while the effort by CFAES’ OSU Extension outreach arm is called Marketing and Orchard Resource Efficiency (MORE) Ohio Pawpaw. It’s a statewide, grant-funded initiative aimed at helping growers grow and sell more high-quality pawpaw fruit. 

OSU Extension Horticulture Specialist Brad Bergefurd is leading the MORE Ohio Pawpaw project together with Matt Davies, assistant professor in the School of Environment and Natural Resources, who's shown here with a pawpaw tree. Said Bergefurd, “We want to provide unbiased research-based information so farmers can make the best management decisions and maybe cash in on this crop.”

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