Recognition: APS president; nematologists’ student award

Members of the Department of Plant Pathology were recently honored:

President, American Phytopathological Society

Sally Miller is now the president of the American Phytopathological Society, the primary professional society for plant pathologists. She joins a distinguished list of past presidents from Ohio State: Mike Boehm, Steve Slack, Larry Madden, Randy Rowe and, going way back to the beginnings of APS, A.D. Selby (for whom Selby Hall is named). Steve Slack also is on the APS leadership team as the society’s treasurer.

In addition, three department graduate students are APS committee chairs, which is unusual and notable for grad student participation: Anna Testen is chair of the Graduate Students Committee, Karasi Mills is chair of the Biotechnology Committee, and Ellie Walsh is chair of the Nematology Committee. Mills also was awarded best in show in the Art in Phytopathology contest.

Society of Nematologists student award

Horacio Lopez Nicora was awarded the John M. Webster Outstanding Student Award by the Society of Nematologists. The annual award recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of one graduate student, and it’s truly a notable national honor for Horacio and for Ohio State. He is also the recipient of the university’s Presidential Fellowship, which is among the highest honors for a graduate student at Ohio State, and he won the department’s C.C. Allison Award in recognition of high achievement in research and service to the department.