San Antonio spurs ‘a great opportunity to share ideas’

Six CFAES farm management staff attended the 2016 winter meeting of the Research Center Administrators Society last month in San Antonio, Texas:

  • Mike Sword, superintendent of farm operations, based in Wooster.
  • Gerald Reid, manager of farm operations for the Badger Farms near Wooster.
  • Bob Filbrun, manager of the Muck Crops Agricultural Research Station in Willard.
  • Scott Payne, manager of the Jackson Agricultural Research Station in Jackson.
  • Joe Davlin, manager of the Western Agricultural Research Station in South Charleston.
  • Ken Scaife, assistant to the director for field operations, based in Wooster.

“The RCAS meetings have allowed our CFAES farm management staff to learn about operations from peer institutions across the country,” said Scaife. “Our college has benefitted greatly from this professional organization, and our managers have had opportunities to share their experiences and expertise with others as well.”  

“This meeting is a great opportunity for agricultural research center directors and administrators from across the country to get together and share ideas,” said society president Barry Sims, director of the University of Tennessee’s Highland Rim Research and Education Center, in a story in Texas A&M’s AgriLife Today.

“While we have different challenges in terms of commodities, climate and other factors, we still have a lot of the same issues, such as center management, funding and the type of research we do, as well as what we can do to improve our research methods and properly train our graduate students,” Sims said in the story.

The meeting was coordinated by the administrators’ society and by Texas A&M’s AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Uvalde, Texas.

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