CFAES Monthly: September 2014

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College News

  1. The really big show, a CFAES signature event, features the latest in agricultural innovation and technology -- and will draw up to 130,000 people when all is said and done. Scarlet and gray jackets not required. Field corn samples limited.

  2. Where have we been? Where are we going? Dean Bruce McPheron will tell us -- about recent CFAES planning efforts, recommendations, first steps and beyond.

  3. The big weekend includes the FallFest Tailgate and the Ohio State-Rutgers football game. There’s also a special new lineup of tours, such as of Chadwick Arboretum. Register soon! Here’s how.

  4. Our congratulations to Jeff Sharp, who took the reins Sept. 1 as director of the School of Environment and Natural Resources.

  5. We congratulate CFAES alumnus Dale Seiberling, recipient of the Ohio State Alumni Association’s Professional Achievement Award.

  6. Ohio State’s password policy -- for university email and more -- has been changed. You can keep your password 180 days now instead of 90. A plus? Half as many reminders to change it.

  7. “Ensuring a safe environment for students, faculty and visitors is one of our highest priorities,” Provost Joseph Steinmetz said. The guide and more can help. Check it out.

  8. Scott Zanon’s latest is Landscaping with Trees in the Midwest. The Akron Beacon Journal’s Mary Beth Breckenridge recently talked to him about it. (“It’s all about putting the right tree in the right place.”) So did WOSU’s Ann Fisher. Check out the links -- then the book!

  9. It’s about dairy, calcium, and helping new students to eat and be healthy. #SpotTheCow? Brutus, it seems, has done it.