Eat fresh? Yes, you can garden in fall in Ohio

Close-up of hands holding red and white radishes.

Pam Bennett, director of CFAES’ statewide Master Gardener Volunteers program, is helping lead the new Ohio Victory Gardens program, a joint effort by CFAES and the Ohio Department of Agriculture aimed at boosting interest in gardening, helping Ohioans grow their own fresh food, and lifting spirits in a trying time—even once summer is over. The program’s website offers how-to advice and science-based resources on a wide range of gardening topics. A fall seed giveaway ended recently, but another one is planned for spring.

Come autumn in Ohio, “there’s still plenty of time left in the growing season,” said Bennett, who noted that if there’s a silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s the growing interest in gardening. The Victory Gardens program is a great opportunity for Ohioans to green their thumbs, she said, adding, “We hope to inspire them to continue.”

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