The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

Farm Science Review starts tomorrow

The really big show, a CFAES signature event, features the latest in agricultural innovation and technology -- and will draw up to 130,000 people when all is said and done. Scarlet and gray jackets not required. Field corn samples limited.

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State of the College address is Oct. 17

Where have we been? Where are we going? Dean Bruce McPheron will tell us -- about recent CFAES planning efforts, recommendations, first steps and beyond.

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CFAES Homecoming Weekend is Oct. 17-18

The big weekend includes the FallFest Tailgate and the Ohio State-Rutgers football game. There’s also a special new lineup of tours, such as of Chadwick Arboretum. Register soon! Here’s how.

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Sharp named director of SENR

Our congratulations to Jeff Sharp, who took the reins Sept. 1 as director of the School of Environment and Natural Resources.

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Seiberling receives Ohio State Alumni Award

We congratulate CFAES alumnus Dale Seiberling, recipient of the Ohio State Alumni Association’s Professional Achievement Award.

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Keep your password twice as long now

Ohio State’s password policy -- for university email and more -- has been changed. You can keep your password 180 days now instead of 90. A plus? Half as many reminders to change it.

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Now available: Ohio State’s revised ‘Guide to Assist Disruptive or Distressed Individuals’

“Ensuring a safe environment for students, faculty and visitors is one of our highest priorities,” Provost Joseph Steinmetz said. The guide and more can help. Check it out.

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‘An excellent reference for desirable trees in the landscape’: New book by CFAES alumnus

Scott Zanon’s latest is Landscaping with Trees in the Midwest. The Akron Beacon Journal’s Mary Beth Breckenridge recently talked to him about it. (“It’s all about putting the right tree in the right place.”) So did WOSU’s Ann Fisher. Check out the links -- then the book!

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#SpotTheCow dairy campaign is underway on campus

It’s about dairy, calcium, and helping new students to eat and be healthy. #SpotTheCow? Brutus, it seems, has done it.

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Higher supply, costs cut Ohio farmers' profits (Featuring Matt Roberts, agricultural economist for OSU Extension)
The Herald-Dispatch  •  10/03
Ohio officials earmark money to reduce Lake Erie algae threat (feat. CFAES Dean Bruce McPheron)
WOSU-NPR  •  10/03
Algae, phosphorus control hot topics at Farm Science Review Experts share ways to limit fertilizer pollutants in Lake Erie, other waterways (featuring Bruce McPheron, dean, CFAES)
Columbus Dispatch  •  10/03
TOXIC ALGAE Blooms buck prediction, pop up in Lake Erie City water safe, but threat remains through October
Toledo Blade, Featured expert: Jeffrey Reutter, director of Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Lab  •  09/26
CAUV program in Tiffin Today
The Courier News, Featured Expert: Larry Gearhardt  •  09/24
The Invasion Begins: Stink Bugs Arrive In Central Ohio As Temps Dip
WBNS 10TV, Featured expert: Celeste Welty, professor of entomology  •  09/24
Roundup resistant weed plagues farmers in Putnam County Weed has potential to be destructive, expensive
Lima News, Featured expert: James Hoorman, assistant professor, Putnam County Extension  •  09/24
Farm Science Review Exhibit Celebrates Women in Agriculture, FSR  •  09/24
OSU Extension Holds Meeting On Grazing  •  09/23
Commissioners likely to renew lease with OSU
Coshocton Tribune  •  09/23
Worst risk to Toledo water has passed, expert says
Toledo Blade, Featured expert: Jeffrey Reutter, director of Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Lab  •  09/23
Area Farmers See Steep Drop in Corn Prices
Businessweek, Featured expert: Matt Roberts  •  09/22
Area Farmers Seeing Steep Drop in Corn Prices
Dayton Daily News, Featured expert: Matt Roberts  •  09/22
Feds start second annual census of invasive brown marmorated stink bugs
Columbus Dispatch, Featured expert: Celeste Welty, associate professor of entomology  •  09/21
McArthur woman showcased at Farm Science Review
The Commoner Journal, FSR  •  09/19
Gardening series starts Sept. 18
This Week Newspapers, Joe Boggs, an assistant professor at The Ohio State University Extension  •  09/17
Marcy Kaptur calls for a citizen-sampling brigade for Lake Erie water
Toledo Blade, Featured expert: Jeff Reutter, director of Ohio Sea Grant and Ohio State University Stone Laboratory  •  09/16
Drones may provide big lift to agriculture when FAA allows their use
LA Times, Featured expert: Scott Shearer, professor of food, agricultural and biological engineering  •  09/13
Farm Science Review set for next week near London
Columbus Dispatch, FSR, Matt Roberts,  •  09/08
Once rare in Ohio, Canada geese have made a huge comeback and are found everywhere
Columbus Dispatch, Featured expert: Marne A Titchenell, an Ohio State University program specialist in wildlife management.  •  09/07
Scientists give Brown a lesson in algae blooms Senator discusses economic effects of an unhealthy lake
Toledo Blade, Featured experts: Jay Martin, professor of ecological engineering, Stua  •  09/06
Lake Erie crisis calls for action, panel told
Toledo Blade, Featured expert: Jeff Reutter, director of the Ohio State University Stone Laboratory and Center for Lake Erie Area Research.  •  09/04
Ohio State scientists study runoff to stop toxic algae in the Great Lakes
PBS, Featured expert: Jeff Reutter, director of the Ohio Sea Grant College and Stone Lab at the Ohio State University  •  09/04
How bees make honey is complex process Researchers put honey under the microscope to unlock the secrets of this complex food
Columbus Dispatch, Featured:Thomas Janini, an associate professor in Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.   •  08/31
How bees make honey is complex process Researchers put honey under the microscope to unlock the secrets of this complex food
Columbus Dispatch, Featured: Thomas Janini, an associate professor in Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.   •  08/31
Water issues rising. Are you ready? (feat. OARDC Director Steve Slack)
Farm and Dairy  •  08/27
2014 Farm Science Review showcasing latest agricultural innovation (feat. Chuck Gamble, FSR)
The Machine Finder  •  08/27
Lake Erie: Challenges ahead, but progress being made (feat. Jon Witter, Libby Dayton, Greg LaBarge)
Farm and Dairy  •  08/25
Retiring FALCON Chair Espinoza receives surprise award (feat. Francisco Espinoza, OSU Extension, Agriculture and Horticulture Labor Education Program)
La Prensa  •  08/20
Curbing phosphorus would quickly slash algae in Lake Erie (feat. Ohio Sea Grant Director Jeff Reutter) (subscription required)
Columbus Dispatch  •  08/20
Tire makers race to turn dandelions into rubber (feat. Katrina Cornish, Horticulture and Crop Science)
Reuters  •  08/20
Bumper crops: Corn, soybeans likely to set records in Ohio, U.S. (feat. Matt Roberts, Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics))
Columbus Dispatch  •  08/15
Ohio fireflies back in big way (feat. Dan Herms, Dave Shetlar, Entomology)
Chillicothe Gazette  •  08/15
Manure Science Review encourages Ohio farmers to get technical (feat. Glen Arnold, OSU Extension)
Farm and Dairy  •  08/15
What do wild animals do in a wildfire? (feat. Mazeika Sullivan, School of Environment and Natural Resources)
National Geographic Daily News  •  07/21
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