CFAES Wooster Campus Strategic Plan

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What does the future CFAES Wooster campus look like? We need your help to envision this and map the path toward it. 

CFAES Wooster Campus Strategic Planning Update

Strategic planning for the CFAES Wooster Campus is well underway following kickoff held on 7 September 2018 with remarks by Dave Benfield, Associate Vice President of Agricultural Administration and Director of the Wooster Campus and a presentation of the charge by Cathann Kress, Vice President and Dean of the College.

Approximately 190 faculty, staff, students and administration participated in 8 discussion sessions and 30 provided comments through an on-line survey. Addressing the CFAES grand challenges and commitments were discussed in three broad categories.

Building Organizational Capacity

Budget and Fiscal Practices and Priorities

Talent Management

Specific highlights from these discussions are summarized in the information on this webpage (CFAES Wooster Campus Strategic Plan Update).

The strategic planning task force is now using your input from the discussion sessions to draft preliminary ideas for the strategic plan.

Next steps in the process include:

  • Task force members will form break out committees for deeper dive into the broader buckets. (Complete late November to early December).
  • Early January, rough draft of plan
  • January, share plan publicly and with a selected group stakeholders
  • February to March complete final plan and submit to Dean and Cabinet for approval

You are encouraged to contact any of the task force members with questions or to provide further input.