CFAES Impact

The goal of CFAES Impact: to share research, outreach and teaching efforts from the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences that are making a difference in the world. The insert is published eight times each year. Five issues are delivered within Ohio Farm Bureau's "Buckeye Farm News," and three within the organization's "Our Ohio" magazine.

  1. CFAES Impact for Farmers October 2020

    Thu, 10/08/2020

    In this issue, learn: how farmers can be resilient in the current climate * how to access Farm Science Review programing * how Ohio farmers can raise their crop yields while meeting water quality goals* about new partners for farms and water * about Buckeye maple syrup
  2. CFAES Impact for Farmers August 2020

    Fri, 08/07/2020

    In this issue, learn: how farmers can start a financial contingency plan* What you should know about home butchering * about how direct-to-consumer meat sales increase in Ohio * about new masks for COVID-19* about two CFAES scientists who earned international awards
  3. CFAES Impact for Ohioans July/August 2020

    Thu, 07/30/2020

    In this issue, learn: how CFAES assists Ohio food producers, consumers amid COVID-19* How CFAES helped the agricultural community at home * how to Lean on your land grant * how to ask a financial expert
  4. CFAES Impact for Farmers April 2020

    Wed, 04/01/2020

    In this issue, learn: about Ohio’s shifting climate * how CFAES educators can save farmers money * how CFAES research on high-pressure processing is making food safer * how to manage weeds and losses * how a CFAES New website helps farmers increase profit margins
  5. CFAES Impact for Ohioans March/April 2020

    Sun, 03/01/2020

    In this issue, learn: about the CFAES Agriculture Crisis Task Force * a CFAES research project on bumble bees * about the gardens where hope and produce grow * CFAES’ sesquicentennial