CFAES Impact

The goal of CFAES Impact: to share research, outreach and teaching efforts from the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences that are making a difference in the world. The insert is published eight times each year. Five issues are delivered within Ohio Farm Bureau's "Buckeye Farm News," and three within the organization's "Our Ohio" magazine.

  1. CFAES Impact for Farmers April 2018

    In this issue: Perennial promise: Is wheatlike Kernza in your future? • Using dicamba? You'll need training • Student by week, dairy farmer by weekend • Fertilizer certification classes • Ask an expert • Baa, baa sheep blog • Prep for the growing season
  2. CFAES Impact for Ohioans March/April 2018

    In this issue: Extension helps first-time farmers • Scientists seek diagnostic tool for harmful algal blooms • Farm to School program increases students' access to local foods, boosts farmers' income opportunities • Food safety hotline provides answers to consumers • Raising barley for beer: A new prospect for Ohio farmers • Plant questions? Ask a Master Gardener • Hey geese! Get off my lawn!
  3. CFAES Impact for Farmers January/February 2018

    In this issue: Farm incomes expected to rise • Combating Ohio's opioid crisis • Reducing the environmental impact of cows' waste • Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference is in March • Research facility gives Ohio a competitive edge • Help CFAES change lives in Ohio • Ohio climbing up in wine production
  4. CFAES Impact for Ohioans November 2017

    In this issue: A tomato a day just might keep skin cancer away • Insect allies: How the enemies of corn may someday save it • 4-H opioid display offers prevention and drug education for Ohioans • Turn thumbs green, both yours and others' • New ATI degree focuses on bioenergy and biowaste • 4-H members use balloons to see eclipse • OFBF scholarship helps Ag Ed freshmen • Sssselebrities to follow on Twitter
  5. CFAES Impact for Farmers October 2017

    In this issue: Testing technology for farmers to maximize profits • Expert's Rx to avoid swine flu • Beep Beep: Staying safe on the roadways • Early planning and budgeting key to keeping spending in check • Blogs to keep you up to date on food, nutrition, and the environment • Making Halloween happy for Ohio's pumpkin growers