Leadership Searches

Associate Dean and Director of Academic Programs

Please see the position description PDF and Workday link to apply.

Search Committee
Tracy Kitchel (Chair)  Senior Associate Dean and Director of Faculty and Staff Affairs

Faculty Representatives:
Amanda Bowling 
– Assistant Professor, ACEL
Maurice Eastridge 
– Professor and Associate Chair, ANSCI
Francesca Hand 
– Associate Professor, Plant Pathology
Alex Lindsay 
Associate Professor, HCS
Mary Kay Pohlschneider
– Lecturer, FST
Brian Roe 
Professor AEDE
Uttara Samarakoon 
– Assistant Professor, ATI

CFAES Office of Academic Programs Staff Representative:
Sarah Williams 
Student Success Experiences

Outside CFAES Office of Academic Programs Staff Representatives:
Esther DeBusk 
Student Engagement and Undergraduate Recruitment Manager, SENR
Dr. Kathy Lechman 
Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, CFAES

Student Representatives:
Joe Gryboski 
CFAES Student Council President
Amber Cleggett 
MANNRS Treasurer

Professor and Director of the School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR)

Please see the position description PDF and Workday link to apply.

Search Committee
Shannon Washburn (Chair) – Professor and Chair, ACEL

Faculty Representatives:
Rachel Gabor – Assistant Professor of Watershed Hydrology
Bob Gates – Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Management
Steve Lyon – Associate Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources
Lauren Pintor – Associate Professor of Aquatic Ecology
Nicole Sintov – Assistant Professor of Behavior, Decision Making and Sustainability
Christine Sprunger – Assistant Professor of Soil Science and Rhizosphere Ecology
Mažeika Sullivan – Professor and Associate Director; SENR Chief Diversity Officer
Robyn Wilson – Professor of Risk Analysis and Decision Science

Staff Representative:
Molly Bean – Communications Program Manager

Student Representatives:
Undergraduate: Rose Whalen – Third-year, Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife student
Graduate: Maritza Pierre – PhD Candidate, Rural Sociology

External Representatives to SENR:
Lisle Gibbs, Professor, Director of the Ohio Biodiversity Conservation Partnership and Professor, EEOB
Heather Taylor-Miesle, Executive Director, Ohio Environmental Council

Resources for Candidates