Food Science and Technology

National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics Advisory Board - V.M. “Bala” Balasubramaniam

Bala was appointed to the current USDA NAREEE Advisory Board. The NAREEE Advisory Board provides feedback to the Secretary of Agriculture, to USDA’s Research, Education, and Economics (REE) mission area, and to land-grant colleges and universities on food and agricultural research, education, extension and economics priorities and policies. The Advisory Board also provides reports and recommendations to the appropriate agricultural committees of the U.S. Congress.

ECM Lightning Talk Award - Matthias Klein

Dr. Matthias Klein, Assistant Professor at the Department of Food Science and Technology, received an ECM Lightning Talk Award at MANA 2021, the annual conference of the Metabolomics Association of North America, which took place October 18-21. Dr. Klein was honored for the presentation of his work on detection of food microbes by metabolomics technology. The Metabolomics Association of North America is an international, nonprofit scientific association promoting the better understanding of metabolism in microbes, plants, animals, and humans.

IFT Feeding Tomorrow Dr. Richard L. Hall Flavor Science Scholarship. - Klay Liu

Congratulations to Klay Liu who is the recipient of IFT Feeding Tomorrow's Dr. Richard L. Hall Flavor Science Scholarship. This scholarship is presented on behalf of the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association and is awarded to an MS or PhD student whose research is in the area of the safety assessment of flavors. Feeding Tomorrow is the charitable foundation of IFT. Klay is currently a PhD student and is advised by Dr. Devin Peterson.

2020-2021 Outstanding Teaching Assistants. - Siying Jane Fu and Yutong Li

Congratulations to Siying Jane Fu and Yutong Li who have been named the 2020-2021 Outstanding Teaching Assistants. The Outstanding TA award recognizes Teaching Assistants (TAs) who have made distinguished contributions to our department by demonstrating excellence in any number of areas such as assisting with lab instruction, recitation, or discussion sections, or assisting faculty members with high-enrollment courses.

Pamela Parker Garten and Tom Parker Graduate Scholarship - Aishwarya Badiger

Congratulations to Aishwarya Badiger who is the 2020-2021 recipient of the Pamela Parker Garten and Tom Parker Graduate Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to one graduate student per academic year as part of the Pat and Bobby Moser Scholars Program. The award is given to a student with a high caliber of leadership experience in addition to significant research experience and activity.

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