CFAES Award Recipients from Staff Advisory Council

CFAES Award Recipients from Staff Advisory Council

Shirley Brooks-Jones Citizenship Award

Erin Parker

Erin is the CFAES Wooster office manager for the Department of Entomology. Erin earned a B.A. in psychology from Kent State University (2002), then worked for 15 years as a research assistant at the University of Colorado Department of Psychiatry. Erin returned to her home county and joined Entomology in 2018. Erin enjoys working with her colleagues and learning about the astounding diversity of life that insects represent. Erin has served on the CF AES Wooster campus Staff Council since 2019, with three years as treasurer and is ending her second three-year term in 2024 as chair. Erin received the 2020 CF AES Staff Advisory Council Key Values award and is honored to receive the CFAES SAC Citizenship award. She lives in Wooster with husband Kevin, daughter Ava, sons Shay and Jamie and pets Collette, Charlie, October, Ivar, Ivette, Moxie and Ripley (cats), Trevor and Sabie (tortoises), Leo and Skittles (geckos), and too many fish and invertebrates.

Key Values Award

Janna Thompson-Chordas

Janna received her B.F.A in graphic design from Arkansas State University and her M.A. in visual communication from Ohio State. She taught graphic design for Ohio Dominican University while working for various design offices in Columbus. Her passion lies in serving others, and she is proud to have been a founding contributor of the My Sister’s Fund utilized by the YWCA Columbus. Since joining the Department of Entomology in 2022, she has coordinated the exterior vehicle wrap of the mobile outreach tool, the BUGmobile, and updated the visual presence of Entomology. She supports the department in many roles, the primary being leading undergraduate recruitment and retention. Janna partners with advisors to provide student-focused events and opportunities and connections to resources. She assists with fostering alumni relationships and outreach to expand Entomology’s presence, equitably engaging future students.

Innovation Award

Scott Wolfe

Scott earned his B.A. in biology from Hiram College (2006) and his M.S. from the CFAES Department of Horticulture and Crop Science (2013). He has worked on the CFAES Wooster campus since 2009. Scott works with department members to help find solutions for research needs, including designing a bug vacuum for collecting insects in the field, creating an apparatus for testing safety equipment, and finding cost-effective solutions for storage requirements. He serves on the CFAES Wooster campus safety and sustainability committees. Scott was awarded the 2023 University Laboratory Excellence in Safety award, and the 2022 Chiefs Award at the Wooster Township Fire Department where he serves on the water rescue and drone response teams. Scott lives in Wooster with Danae (wife), Milo and Leo (sons), Sesi (dog), Pluto, Ursa, Jupiter, Callie, Luna (cats), Lavendar, Buttercup, Nox, and Sprig (spiders).

Special Recognition

Regina Vann Hickok

Regina is the academic program manager for the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, serving HCS for more than 28 years. In her role as a graduate program manager, Regina processes all graduate admissions, manages position changes between research and teaching appointments, serves on the HCS Graduate Studies and Academic Affairs committees, and assists in planning the annual Graduate Research Symposium. Besides managing the HCS graduate program, Regina is an advisor for the Graduate Student Association, the internship coordinator for undergraduate students majoring in sustainable plant systems and sustainable agriculture, and the instructor for HCS 1100 - Survey Course. She received a Masters in Public Administration from the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at Ohio State and a bachelor's degree in fine arts from Otterbein University. Regina previously served on the CF AES Staff Advisory Council and is curr ently on the Ohio State Graduate and Professional Admissions Advisory Council. Regina demonstrates positivity, dedication, and exemplary service; and she is grateful for this recognition from her peers.