Learning by doing

Learning by doing
How Bill Ayars got his start in 4-H
Bill Ayars

As a 4-H’er in Champaign County, Ohio, Bill Ayars grew up showing market steers at the local, state, and national level. Now, he works as a veterinarian and owns the Westside Animal Clinic with fellow 4-H supporter, Tony Xenikis.

Ayars and Xenikis met at Ohio State through a work-study program as undergraduate students and were accepted into vet school at Ohio State the same year. As adults, they recognize the importance of giving back to the 4-H program and supporting the next generation by being involved in the county fair and livestock shows.

Ohio 4-H instilled a love for animals in Ayars and taught him to embrace the 4-H motto of learning by doing.

““Ohio 4-H taught me responsibility and showed me how to be humble in success and graceful in defeat.””Bill Ayers